The Fourteenth Street Bridge

Black and white image of a multi-arched stone bridge over a river on a cloudy, snowy day in a city

It is January, 1982. A heavy blanket of wet snow covers Washington, D.C. The snow has slowed down everything in its path. Businesses and the government have closed down early. The roads and the bridges crossing the frozen Potomac River are jammed. Seventy-five cities have reported record-breaking cold temperatures. For a moment the weather breaks and Washington National Airport finally reopens. A Boeing 737 headed for Florida with seventy-four people aboard is finally given permission to take off.

The plane begins to roll down the main runway facing the icy Potomac River. It lifts off but suddenly loses air speed due to ice that has reformed on the wings and tail. The 737 starts to head right into the river. Desperately, with its engines at full throttle, the pilot tries… click or tap here to continue reading

[Image credits: Richard Ley/pixabay]