A black and white print of Cain and Abel offering their sacrifices to God

The First Murder

There were two brothers in the earliest days of creation. Each put all of his efforts into producing the best livestock and crops respectively. See how God’s response to their sacrifice had little to do with the offerings themselves, but instead with something that even applies to us today.

lithograph of Moses on mountain with snake on wooden pole and Israelites in foreground

Life From a Deadly Snake?

Jesus speaks of a serpent being lifted up in the wilderness, and how believing in Him can make it possible for man to have eternal life. Why did He choose a deadly reptile and eternity? The answer is our only remedy for the penalty of sin and death.

A print from a woodcut of Sennacherib's army destroyed by an angel

Hezekiah vs. the King of Assyria

When the kingdom of Israel forsook God and followed after the gods of the surrounding nations they lost their superiority. Find out how one man of God put away the idolatry and victoriously stood against the assault of one of the most powerful kingdoms of his day.