A Fountain of Water or a Beautiful Sculpture?

A three-tiered fountain with water flowing down around it

Ever notice that a fountain doesn’t do anything but let the water building up inside it gush out and fill the area all around it? There is almost no effort on its part. It just fills with water and then releases it for all to see. It makes no attempt to conserve the flow of water or to block it completely. As God’s children, He wants to flow through us by way of His Spirit. When we yield to Him as a willing vessel (or “fountain”), we allow His love to flow out of us for others to see.

When we try to express God’s love without having much love for, or devotion to, Him ourselves, we prevent Him from flowing in our life. But the more we allow Him to fill us with His Spirit, the more His love will flow out and all over us, through no effort of our own. When a fountain no longer streams forth water, it becomes just a nice-looking sculpture. It might have beauty outwardly, but there is nothing going on inside. In the same manner, when we block God’s Spirit from flowing through us, we may seem appealing on the outside, but there is little or no activity spiritually within us.

“Let thy fountains be dispersed abroad, and rivers of waters in the streets.”

Proverbs 3:16

Let’s increase our time and intimacy with Jesus, so His love will overflow abundantly from us like “rivers of waters in the streets” for all to experience.

[Additional image credits: Opening image by Michael Hemp from Pixabay]