How One Man of God and His Kingdom Stood Against a Mighty King and Won

A color lithograph of King Hezekiah bowing down in a courtyard

The kingdom of Israel was a great and mighty people thousands of years ago. But when they forsook God and went after the gods of the heathen nations around them, this all changed. It was not the first time such a departure had occurred (and sadly not the last), but this time, the kingdom split in two. The northern part remained as ‘Israel’ and the southern part was called ‘Judah.’ The southern kingdom of Judah remained more inclined to follow God and His commandments, albeit at times rather loosely, than Israel, the northern part.

The problem being addressed here began when Shalmaneser, king of the mighty and vast region of Assyria, conquered the whole northern kingdom. This was basically the end of Israel as a nation, at least for the time being. But Assyria’s plans for acquisitions did not quit there. Shalmaneser’s successor, Sennacherib, pressed forwardclick or tap here to read the rest of the article