In Difficult Situations God Is Always Superior

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God chooses to put His children into difficult situations of great magnitude sometimes, which seem to lead us to a position of no escape. If He asked us in advance what we think of being subjected to them, it would never be our choice to be in such circumstances. What about you? Are you in such intensely difficult situations right now?

“In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and He heard me.”

Psalm 120:1
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Do you feel like a dark cloud is coming over you and engulfing you against your will?

It makes no difference how dark the cloud you sense might be—it will move on at some point. When the dark storm clouds pass, morning always follows. Then God will rain His mercy down on you.

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Are you struggling to carry a tremendous weight that God doesn’t seem to notice?

These matters seem very grave and upsetting to us, but to God, they are right in line with His will. In the end, you’ll find that His handling of your difficult situations is proper. It will bring you right where He wants you—to a position of seeking Him, and confessing you cannot depend only on yourself. In fact, you are right now the principal actor in a scene which provides a perfect opportunity for God to showcase His mighty power and grace.

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Do you doubt that God’s grace is working in your difficult situations?

Don’t stop believing that He loves you in times of distress or suffering as much as in times of happiness and prosperity. God will deliver you, and leave you with a lesson you will not soon forget. Your memory will come back to this scene later, and your spirits will be lifted when you remember what God did for you. Then you’ll thank God over and over for doing just what He did.

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Are you in the family of God—one of His children?

Don’t tarnish the God you represent by displaying a grim face lined with care and distress to the world. God will calm your sorrow if you put all your concerns in His hands. Where does your burden belong? Give it to the Lord! Then lie still in His hands, and let His will be your own.

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He is watching you continually. His heart feels your distress and despair and He has pity on you. Is your heart broken? He will heal it. His powerful hand will be there with the help you need when you need it. Then He will come to you and bandage your wounds. Does He see that the tiniest bird has food to eat? Then He will see that you are taken care of too. Don’t just lie there in despair—keep on hoping and never give up on God.

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Oh, my suffering brother or sister! 

Be patient. Realize that God has not overlooked or forgotten you! What calmness and quiet are waiting for you, once you let your Heavenly Father provide for you. Yes, there is Someone who really does care.

Trust Him with your soul, like you have trusted Him with your body. Has He ever refused to carry your burdens? Has He ever fainted because they are too heavy for Him? If this same God really does care so much for you, why do you worry so much about yourself? God is superior to your difficult situations and He will take care of you!

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