A Promising Means to Face Tomorrow

A line in a song says, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.” But how can we face tomorrow with all of the burdens that are continually landing on our doorstep? For some, these burdens are the thought of their employer threatening to fire them, or of an eviction notice served recently. Others may be dominated by an abusive husband or boyfriend. It could be mounting bills, or intense physical pain from a vehicle accident. Whatever the situation, for many the thought of the next day, or even the next hour, is completely unbearable.

God Made it Possible for Us to Overcome Our Problems

Over two thousand years ago, God made a way for us to triumph over the problems and concerns that bombard us all the time. And not only that, He also provided the means for us to live completely victorious for all eternity. Because of His immense love, He sent us His Son, Jesus Christ, who willingly gave up His life on a wooden cross for us as our way to triumph.

Back in the beginning, God’s human creation was in perfect harmony with Him. Whatever we had need of, He readily provided. In fact, there really weren’t any needs, since all our desires were amply supplied, and we were at perfect rest—complete in Him.

But we refused to be totally satisfied, choosing instead to disobey Him and live our life without Him. As a result, God had to send us out in our rebellious state to make it on our own.

But, throughout all of this long ordeal, He never abandoned us. His desire for us is so great that, even when we were at our worst morally, physically, and spiritually, He still loved us. The last thing God wanted was for us to be banished to eternity without Him, due to our continual and total rejection of Him and His Son.

Jesus Fulfilled All of God’s Requirements for Us

That is why He provided Jesus. He was our means for the complete fulfillment of all of the laws and requirements that the heavenly Father had laid out after the initial act of disobedience in the beginning, in order to make a way for us to be able to come back to Him. Ever since that first sin, we could not be permitted to come freely into His presence—because it is impossible for sin and God’s holy existence to co-exist. Compare this to placing a filthy rag in a container of pure water—the water will always become dirty. The cloth will be cleaner, but the water will remain contaminated.

A photo of three crosses with sun and clouds in the background.
Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Jesus left His place in Heaven and willingly came to the Earth to live among us as a perfect, sinless human being. He ultimately sacrificed His life on the Cross for our sake. This made it possible for us to not only be able to stand before God the Father, but to also have full deliverance from the power and control of sin. If Jesus had remained dead and buried, then we would all have been without any hope.

But three days after His death, He rose again, then went back to Heaven to sit at the right hand of God. This signified the full completion of God’s plan for making a way to bring us back to Him. Following His resurrection from the dead, the finished work He accomplished on the Cross was fully set in place. And His Son remains alive today and forevermore.

By accepting Jesus into our heart and yielding our life to Him, we can not only face tomorrow, but every day.

By Turning it All Over to Him We’re Able to Face Tomorrow

When we turn our problems, circumstances, and fears over to Him, then we are no longer under their control. He will take care of them all, while giving us a whole new outlook on life.  And the more we give ourselves over to Him, the more He is able to work through us. Now we do not need to dread what will come tonight, next week, or five years from now—because our battle has already been won at the Cross! We can boldly look forward without fear, because He is alive! With Jesus in charge, we are able to face tomorrow without gloom and uncertainty.

A photo of the sun behind a cluster of clouds with beams streaming from the top and orange sky beneath over a hilltop with some shrubbery
Photo by Matthew Bowden on Freeimages.com

If you will give your heart and life over to Him today, you will experience indescribable and everlasting joy forevermore!

For more information on accepting Jesus into your heart please visit our page on The Way to God.

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