The Proven Hope and Answer to Every Problem Is Jesus

Why do many Christians today find themselves tormented with crisis situations involving fear, guilt, or unrest? They’re failing to rest in what Jesus has already accomplished on the Cross for them. He detects every aspect of all our dilemmas along with all the problems of life crowding in on us. Therefore, if we are afraid, we falsely blame Him for neglecting us. It doesn’t make any difference what problem we may have, He not only has the answer, He is the answer to every problem of life!

Since Jesus can handle everything else, He can deal with all our problems as well. There’s nothing too hard for Him to take care of. Let’s take our heads out of our problem situations and raise them up in God’s direction. That’s when we’ll discover our answer!  

Christ Alone Is the Means God Provided for the Answer to Every Problem

God has provided Christ and His Cross as the means for achieving victory over sin. Christ came to this planet to atone (make amends) for sin and to save man from it—because man’s worst problem is sin. No one else could have made the sacrifice that had to be made for us, since all mankind was born in sin. It’s the fundamental problem behind all the heartache and suffering in this world.

Neither psychology, money, nor education can help us conquer sin. None of these are the answer to every problem. We can only deal with it effectively by trusting in Christ and what He did for us when He died on the Cross on our behalf because of our sin.

There’s nothing man can do to overcome sin’s power on his own.

Even the Holy Spirit can’t help us until we put our faith in Christ and the Cross. How very powerful sin is, but the Cross is even more powerful. It’s God’s answer to every problem especially sin. There’s nothing man can do to overcome sin’s power on his own. But we can achieve total dominion over the powers of sin and darkness if we will put our faith exclusively in what Jesus did for us on the Cross. There’s no other solution that will work. The death of Christ on the Cross made the defeat of sin and the powers of darkness possible.

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

When we don’t have the slightest hint of what we should do next, what are we to do? Most people will struggle to figure the situation out and come up with an answer. But God has no difficulty getting us out of whatever situation we’re currently in. Our biggest need is to “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). Our three-word answer to every problem we may encounter is—Lean-on-Jesus.

God’s Word in our heart will keep us from sinning against Him.

The world’s best book is the Bible, which no other book can surpass! Even the best of other books are only poor substitutes for the wisdom contained in God’s Word. It will lead us to the answer to every problem in our life. “Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee” (Psalm 119:11). God’s Word in our heart will keep us from sinning against Him.

We Are Never the Answer to Every Problem

We can’t find all the answers in our self. The only place we can find the answer to every problem that disturbs our head and heart is in the Lord and His Word. But if we allow ourselves to drift away from His Word, or if we reject it, nothing will remain but our own senseless ways and means of trying to solve our difficulties ourself.

The history of the world has already proven over and over that this won’t work. We don’t know all the answers. That’s why we’re to “trust in the Lord with all thine heart.” And why do we even have problems? Because they help us learn to have trust in God. The only One here on Earth with the answer to every problem the world may have is the Holy Spirit who works in and through us! Therefore, no matter what our concern may be, God has the answer to every problem. If it doesn’t come right away, we simply need to continue believing in Him! It won’t be much longer before every question will be answered and every mystery solved.

A photo taken from ground level in the center of a tree lined road at sunset showing that the answer to every problem lies ahead.
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Don’t give up–the answer you seek is coming! Every struggling Christian needs to know that the Lord isn’t dozing in the midst of our trials. Hold on! He has tremendous blessings in store for you! God wants to give you blessings way beyond what you dare to hope for or believe! “From the beginning, ear hath not heard, neither hath the eye seen, what God hath prepared for them that wait for Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

He’s getting blessings ready for you that will be more wonderful than you can imagine, more astounding than you can dream up on your own. These will be divine blessings. But it’s not just blessings that He wants to give you. He longs to give Himself to everyone who will genuinely search for Him. But when we limit Him, that’s when our problem comes. He’s already set the time and place for you to be healed, to be delivered, to receive all your blessings in answer to prayer. 

If we’ll just make the Cross of Christ the object of our faith, we’ll be victorious over sin in our heart and life.

Faith’s not the problem—we are! The same faith we had when God saved us is all we need to face every problem in life. If we’ll just make the Cross of Christ the object of our faith, we’ll be victorious over sin in our heart and life. With your whole heart, tell the Lord right now,: “I give myself to You Lord, and to Your will, for You to do whatever You want.”

God is the living Lord Who desires to do a work in His people all the time way beyond what we can understand, but that has been made known by His Word. He’ll sustain your life. You only need to trust and believe that Jesus did just what the Bible says He did, and that He did it for you—then you’ll have the answer to every problem in your life!

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